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SAVE YOUR MONEY: Navigating Health Shares, Insurance, and DPC Employer Plans

I think we all can agree that our healthcare system is seriously broken. We have insurance company executives making billions of dollars and millions of Americans struggling to find affordable health care. I personally hate insurance. It is confusing for patients and not consumer friendly.

There is a better way! Front Porch Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care Practice (DPC). Our membership is not insurance, but when you pair the membership with a high deductible insurance plan, affordable health share program, or an employer program you can save thousands of dollars and get quality care. Basically you have your Front Porch membership for any basic care you need but if something catastrophic happens--like a car accident or debilitating illness--you have coverage to help pay for those expenses.

The most basic way to save money is changing your insurance plan to a higher deductible plan with less perks. Many plans cost extra and cover services like pap smears, telehealth services, and urgent care visits. If you have a DPC you don't need that extra stuff--a pap costs $30 dollars with our negotiated pricing so you don't need to pay extra on your insurance plan for that. You need a basic cheaper insurance plan to cover the big stuff: hospitalizations, catastrophic injury, etc.

You can even decide to do away with insurance completely and purchase a health share plan. Health shares "share" the cost of health care between all members. For example, you pay 185 dollars a month into the share. You can then submit medical bills for reimbursement to the program to get money back. These plans are great to pair with DPC because of the cost and lack of coverage for primary care (which you are getting with your membership with us). Below is a chart comparing different health share companies, how they differ, and advantages/disadvantages. I want to thank our friends at Ochna Health for sharing this comparison chart. Some plans even reimburse DPC membership fees! Of all of these plans I really like Samaritan Ministries. They have been around a long time and I like the save to share option for higher costs.

A third way to save money with DPC is telling your employer about our clinic! Many employers partner with DPC practices to provide high quality health care to their employees. We can easily add a membership at Front Porch Family Medicine into your employers healthcare benefits options. Employers can also save money! I just heard a story last week where an employer actually got a check back from their insurance carrier because the number of insurance claims were so low that they refunded them money. The numbers of claims were so low because their employees were using DPC instead of insurance. The check they got back from the insurance company was more than they paid out for the DPC memberships for their employees. Now THAT makes good sense!

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