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Join us to Revolutionize Healthcare

Whether your business has 10 employees or 300, you could save up to 40% in healthcare costs while offering tailored, personalized, high quality primary care for your employees and their families.   Partner with Front Porch Family Medicine to give your hard working employees the superior care they deserve.  Many insurance plans are a complete joke, with deductibles so high the average American can't afford to get even basic preventive healthcare.  Our broken system needs fixed, and this is how we start...

For Employers

Ditch Useless Insurance

Pairing a Direct Care membership with a self-funded employer plan saves employers thousands.

Retain Talent

Front Porch partners with you to offer memberships to employees through your health plans, with our without other benefits.

Reduce Costs

80% of medical needs can be met by a direct care doctor.  The health care dollar goes so much farther with a DPC membership.

Partnering with a Direct Primary Care clinic makes sense!

Front Porch Family Medicine is a tool businesses can use to bring quality and health savings to our community.  Employers could potentially save 20-40% on healthcare costs by partnering with us to provide high quality primary care and opting for a self funded, employer directed plan.  Employees would benefit greatly from this change by having direct access to their doctor, decreased numbers of ER and urgent care visits, cheaper labs and medications, less speciality referrals, and better health outcomes.  By using value based primary care like my practice your company could save thousands while ending up with happier and healthier employees.  This advantage is only one reason this care model has exploded across the country. Patients and doctors both love it.   Patients are sick and tired of rushed doctor visits and a system that values profit over prevention. 

Whether you are looking to provide just a membership to your employees, or you need help crafting a benefits package that provides all health care needs to your employees, we are here to help.  Please email us at or call for more details.  


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