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Old-Fashioned. Modern Medicine.

Like having a doctor in the family...

We use the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model to remove the burdensome tasks that the modern healthcare system has cast onto the doctor-patient relationship. 

Log Cabin

Our most important relationships are cultivated on the Front Porch. It’s where we come together to inspire and care for others.  Dr. Phillips wants to bring this concept back into the doctor patient relationship.  Remember the days where your doctor was just a phone call away?  Where your doctor knew you well and you could call or stop by anytime? 

Front Porch Family Medicine uses the Direct Primary Care model to remove the burdensome tasks the modern healthcare system has cast onto the doctor patient relationship.  Dr. Phillips does not bill insurance but instead charges an affordable monthly membership fee which covers all primary care and urgent care services you need.  


By removing third party insurance companies and government red tape, she can concentrate her time and effort on providing excellent quality care to you and your family.  She is a compassionate, experienced, board-certified family doctor with a reputation for highly skilled clinical decision making and knowledge of evidence based modern medicine.


She has the sweet tea ready and is welcoming you to come have a seat on the Front Porch where you can receive the highest quality care available. 

Experience the difference...

Longer Visits

& Greater Access

Fewer patient panels mean more time with you– your wellbeing, and getting to know you, is the focus! Experience access to quality healthcare with less hiccups and fewer wait times!

We work for you!

With insurance out of the way, we work for you, not a system or third-party payer. Discounts go directly to you. This also means less paperwork and less administrative hassles for us, which results in more streamlined care for you!

House calls!

For patients who are home bound and unable to travel, Dr. Phillips loves spending time on her patient’s front porches. 

Have the sweet tea ready!

*additional fee applies

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